16 things gathered from chatting online using Scruff, the mobile social app.

Scruff Sixteen things gathered from chatting online using Scruff, the mobile social app:

1. I’m not Latino looking enough
2. I’m too young for some
3. I’m too old for most
4. My first name is not Latino enough for everyone
5. All 20 to 28 years olds believe they are more mature than any of their counterparts
6. Everyone thinks I’m a daddy
7. Married, or partnered, doesn’t preclude one-night-stands
8. I don’t qualify as a bear, oso, otter, or any other fur based animal
9. I’m popular with younger guys in Brazil
10. I’m a legend with guys in Thailand
11. Discreet is the new “in-the-closet”
12. I look younger than most people suppose a 50 year old should look like
13. Most people believe Cuban men to be passionate
14. Most of the same men cannot stand living with a passionate Cuban man after a few weeks
15. Most chatters believe all Latinos to be uncut
16. All Cubans deep-fry their salads

It’s not easy being a 50 year-old Cuban-American gay male with an Anglo first name. I don’t fit the narrow stereotypical mold and preconceptions some people have built for me and for themselves. I know these are things I have no control over, just like I have no control over how stupid some people can be.

As long as some folk keep thinking that way, they are certain to miss out on a lot.

Note: Regretfully, the last item on the list is true.

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