Mine is the language of symbol and abstraction.


Tapestry. Miami, 2015

Mine is the language of symbol and abstraction. In these lines and colors I stitch the mysteries of the universe and reveal them to anyone willing to see. These colors and shapes lead fools astray, while the wise see in my creations the tapestry that is the universe. Practice and meditation are my tools; only fools take shortcuts through roads that lead them back where they began. It’s only when we deepen the mystery into the unknown, when we traverse barren lands that challenge all we thought to be true and reach the end of the road, that the mysteries are fully revealed and the journey truly begins.

The Practice of Contemplative Photography.

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Walter lives and works in and around South Florida. When not practicing or studying acupuncture, you can find him at one of Miami’s beaches, or in a coffee shop lost in the pages of a good book. Walter enjoys diverse interests such as reading Tarot, practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi, learning Buddhist dharma, practicing shamanic healing, writing for his blogs, reading Oriental philosophy, traveling to new places and old favorites, exploring contemplative photography with his iPhone, sitting quietly in meditation, practicing healthy fitness, and promoting wellbeing.

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