The anthophile’s dream

This year’s Tamiami International Orchid Festival did not disappoint.


Without: a blustery, frigid (some would claim, “Too cold”), winter morning, the kind most do not pair with a South Florida clime.

Within: an explosion of color and graceful blooms horticulturalists link to tropical landscapes and forests.

This year’s Tamiami International Orchid Festival did not disappoint. Well attended, with vendors from as far as Hawaii showcasing their best and most enviable blooms, showcasing different varieties and species of vandas, cymbidiums, cattleyas, phalaenopsis, and oncidiums certain to please the most demanding of anthophiles. The show was a spectacle for eyes and a welcome distraction from studying.

The Practice of Contemplative Photography.

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Walter lives and works in and around South Florida. When not practicing or studying acupuncture, you can find him at one of Miami’s beaches, or in a coffee shop lost in the pages of a good book. Walter enjoys diverse interests such as reading Tarot, practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi, learning Buddhist dharma, practicing shamanic healing, writing for his blogs, reading Oriental philosophy, traveling to new places and old favorites, exploring contemplative photography with his iPhone, sitting quietly in meditation, practicing healthy fitness, and promoting wellbeing.

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  1. What a beautiful climate you must have there. Great pics.

  2. You’ve brought a splash of colour – colours – into a gray, wintery day! 1000 grazie

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